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White Elephant Studio

Who I am

I am White Elephant Studio based in Minnesota. I build awe-inspiring web based software and applications. I specialize in architecture and development and can perform countless other tasks as needed to accomplish a goal.

I spent years working at companies and loving my job. I've worked for small mom and pop shops, national construction companies, several start up companies and even medical software groups. I have always loved development but always felt that a lot of time is unnecessarily wasted. I distinctly remember having a meeting about when we should schedule a second meeting. Meetings and planning are very important but for most projects, there is no need for 6 developers, two leads and a project manager. Many web applications (yes even seemingly large ones) can be completed with one or two good people that communicate well. I wanted to give smaller companies that other option, an option that could get the project done just as good or even better than the large software companies but in considerably less time and with much less expense. White Elephant Studio was created as a passion project with the simple idea that web projects should be achievable by anyone no matter their company size.

Dont know what any of this means? Dont worry about it!
The short story is that I can build just about anything you want and that I've been doing it a very long time.

Javascript / Jquery / CSS / HTML / SASS / LESS 25+ Years
C# / .NET / MVC 18+ Years
Mobile Responsive 13+ Year(s)
SQL 10+ Years
E-commerce / Email Integrations 4+ Year(s)
CMS Systems 4+ Year(s)


  • E-commerce: 4+ years
  • Email Integrations: 4+ years
  • CMS Systems: 4+ years
  • Web API: 2 years
  • Knockout: 2 years
  • React: 1 year
  • PWA (Progressive Web App): 1 year
  • Hundreds of API Integrations

1. Efficient

As well as completing tasks on time. I make certain that my codebase is efficient and can perform very large tasks in minimal time. Studies have shown that mere milliseconds can change customer retention times so I plan and test thoroughly to ensure great performance.

2. Creative

I know that ideas and projects are rarely planned out to the tiniest details. I can help fill in the blanks and assist in the design of projects using several years of UX design experience. I want your creative vision to be brought to life and can make time/money/speed saving suggestions along the way.

3. Problem Solving

When several other development teams have told you that your vision is 'impossible' I tend to go out of my way to prove them wrong. I firmly believe that nothing is truly impossible, it's just a matter of time and creative thinking. I will do my very best to find reasonable solutions to your 'impossible' problems.

4. Experience

My vast experience across such a broad range of technologies gives me the unique ability to help take your vision to a completed project faster and more efficiently than most development teams. I can make recommendations for your project based on my history of user interaction and analytics, I can recommend newer technologies to increase productivity, to speed up development time or even to cut maintenance costs.

Wayne Wenzel

Software Architect


Support & Sanity Checks

"Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet."

What I do

  • Software Architecture

    A software architect is a software expert who makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms.

  • Web Development

    Web development ranges from creating plain text pages to complex web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications.

  • E-commerce

    Integration with payment systems, product databases or creating new data structures for use.

  • Marketing & CMS

    Marketing campaigns, emails, customer data management and tracking.

  • Software Design

    Web apps, desktop apps or even the new hybrid apps are all within my abilities

  • Server Administration

    Hosting, SSL, Email, Backup and server setup can all be completed.